Goal setting presentations + Disability Awareness & Drug/Alcohol Prevention through basketball

Presentation Types


As a member of 4 Paralympic Teams from 1992-2004, Trooper talks about the process of short and long term goals, the ability to focus on specific elements related to goals, and also how to change and adapt to changing times. 


In 1998, Trooper became the 2nd paraplegic to climb El Capitan.  He repeated the climb in 2000 as a fundraiser for the Valley Medical Center Foundation in San Jose, CA to renovate the Spinal Cord Injury gym at the Rehabilitation Center. 


The climb, which took approximately 4000 pull-ups to complete (over 5 days for the first climb, in 38 hours the 2nd climb) emphasizes the need for preparation and goal-setting.


Trooper talks about training for the climb.  The concept of breaking down your objective into small, manageable tasks, and how each one of those elements can build into something huge. 


Trooper also talks about the concept of "planning for success", and the realization that - "What goes up, must come down."

Disability Awareness

These presentations are perfect for schools.  These interactive presentations show different types of equipment, the reasons a person with a disability uses equipment to get around, and include interactive basketball games where Trooper plays against students from the audience.  These presentations drive home the fact that just because a person uses a wheelchair, doesn't mean they can't do the same things an able-bodied person can do.  These presentations can be indoors or on an outside court, but because they are interactive, a court is necessary.

Red Ribbon Week, Drug & Alcohol Prevention

Trooper was paralyzed as a result of a drinking & driving accident when he was 17 years old.  He talks about the decisions he made at that time of his life, and the choices he made that led him to the accident.  He talks about the importance of understanding your choices, and how the choices you make can effect the rest of your life.  These are PERFECT for Red Ribbon Week and are often combined with the Disability Awareness presentation to make these the most effective presentation possible.