Goal setting presentations + Disability Awareness & Drug/Alcohol Prevention through basketball

Presentation Pricing


Business Presentations generally last 45 minutes and are not limited to size. These presentations include a multimedia presentation and can be tailored to time restrictions or group discussions.

These presentations are $700 + travel.  Additional days (travel days) are $300/day.




School presentation pricing varies depending on the number of presentation during a single day.  Elementary School presentations are limited to 250 students per presentation.  Middle schools and High schools are usually broken into groups no larger that 300 students per presentation.  If there are questions, please ask.  I will try and accommodate  you as much as possible while still making the presentations effective and successful.  For the most part, Elementary and Middle Schools can be covered by two presentations.  For more effective presentations for Middle and High Schools, full-day presentations are available.  This reduces audience size and makes the content more focused and direct to the students in attendance. 

Single presentations start at $350 (+travel).

Double presentations start at $600 (+travel). 

Full-day presentations (6 presentations) are $1400 (+travel).


Travel Costs:

0-35 miles (from zip code 94580) = Free

35-70 miles = $50

70-150 miles = $100

Over 150 miles - contact me


For business presentations, airfare, hotel, ground transportation, + $300/day (non-presentation day).